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Representative publications

Enhancement of SOD activity in boehmite supported nanoreceptors.
Á. Martínez-Camarena, E. Delgado-Pinar, C. Soriano, J. Alarcón, J. M. Llinares, R. Tejero & E. García-España.
Chemical Communications (2018), 54, 3871-3874.

A step forward in the development of superoxide dismutase mimetic nanozymes: the effect of the charge of the surface on antioxidant activity.
Á. Martínez-Camarena, J. M. Llinares, A. Domenech-Carbó, J. Alarcón & E. García-España.
RSC Advances (2019), 9, 41549-41560.

Coordination Chemistry of Cu2+ Complexes of Small N‐Alkylated Tetra-azacyclophanes with SOD Activity.
Á. Martínez-Camarena, A. Liberato, E. Delgado-Pinar, A. G. Algarra, J. Pitarch-Jarque, J. M. Llinares, M. Angeles Mañez, A. Domenech-Carbo, M. G. Basallote & E. García-España.;
Inorganic Chemistry (2018), 57, 10961-10973.

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